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Unsolicited Comments from Our Clients:

 Your template saved me hours of time. You are a gift! I cannot wait to get these docs done, hopefully in a few evenings this week.  Your forms and your kind and good-natured assistance are a huge blessing.  I will be happy to RAVE about your firm far and wide.  I am so glad that we asked him what he would recommend.  Your forms will make this so easy. Thanks again for your quick response and for the distinction between "our preferred" and the other forms. Stay warm - and again, MANY THANKS! -Kink Brauer, Van Auken Akins Architects LLC

THANK YOU! You have no idea what a life saver this is going to be! You can be certain I will spread the word about you to the members of my unit! Hooah!- John

I really, really appreciate your support and what you are doing. Having forms that I use often available in MS Word format is a HUGE help. I have taken the time to make a couple of forms on my own and they have turned out almost perfect, but it takes me almost a day to do one. I have ordered a total of seven forms from you so far. You have basically saved me a week’s worth of work. I don’t have to tell you twice that time is money, and your reasonable prices make the investment very worthwhile. The accuracy of your duplications is great.
I plan on recommending your business to any and all individuals I know who also are in the human resources field. You probably get messages like this all the time, but I just wanted to say thanks.

Dear sir or ma’am, I just want to thank you for being so prompt at preparing my form the other night. I had twelve hours to put together a promotion packet for a soldier of mine. I am extremely happy with your service.

You are amazing. These forms are exactly what I need and way beyond my expertise to transfer from the Adobe format. I am amazed at how quickly you sent the form, within one day, since you mentioned that you actually had not had a prior request to the form I asked for and would actually have to physically perform the Word formatting. Also you sent 2 forms and the explanation. They are both perfect. One of them we can just tab through and fill out and the other allows modifications if necessary. Thank you so much. This will save us so much TIME and trouble as 3 people fill out one form and since our offices are not in the same building it was a mess to try to deliver these forms to be hand typed by different people and even going back and forth between two of us. What a time saver this form will be. It is a blessing to have people like you who do such an outstanding job and provide a phenomenal service to the US Military. Again thank you very much. It was worth every penny. - Michael

"After thoroughly surfing the Internet for companies that design web order forms, I almost gave up until I found Forms in Word. I emailed my request and criteria that I needed and received a quick response the very next day. I spoke with Lori and was quickly put to ease that the order form would not take long and was very inexpensive. The service that I received was excellent and they gave me extras free of charge. Lori was courteous and patient, giving me friendly advice so that the order form would look as professional as possible. Furthermore, what really impressed me was her enthusiasm for her work and the low cost of creating my custom-made web order form. Thank-you Lori and staff of Forms in Word."x

So happy with your service and glad I found you. I've spread the word through our board so you may get other work from here.
Thanks again, Marjie

As a National Guard Officer, I discovered "Forms in Word" in a search for a Word format Dept of the Army form, for ease in use. As a result of recently discovering their services, I knew of a solution to a difficult need for my insurance brokerage business in the commercial world, in converting an application for insurance for our clients. In a short period of time I received the product in perfect formatting including fill-in boxes, that is an exact duplicate of the .PDF file original application. This not only serves our clients well, it also positions our firm as solution-oriented. My sincere gratitude to the talents of"Forms in Word," and my unqualified recommendation to anyone considering their talents and services to a document conversion challenge.

The SF330 came out beautifully and we met the deadline, thanks to your support and templates.

I have told several contacts about your company and that we purchased the SF330 form from you. The [templates] are wonderful!

I appreciate your folks spending the time to develop this form.

Thank you for the easy-to-use template and all your help!

We like the template and want to use it corporate-wide.

I truly appreciate your making my life easier in that I did not have to re-create the document in WORD.

You have a great product [and] have to let others know.

I love your SF330 form. It is very easy to "manipulate."

Thanks for creating this template for us all!

This is a nice clean WORD document.

"Thanks again for your help last night - the form is going in the mail this morning." - JoyceI have already filled out the form and my proposal is on it's way to Fed Ex. I surely do appreciate your speed! Thanks again - I'm sure we will use your company in the future. It is a fantastic resource for us. -Sarah

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Forms in Word specializes in creating government and business forms as easy-to-use Word documents. All you have to do is start typing! All forms are designed and edited by and for professionals and are completely editable. Our forms can be copied, saved, reused, and printed easily...they are Word documents, not complicated or expensive software! We add automatic form fill features to make filling out your forms even easier. Our forms have been approved by & used by numerous federal and state agencies and look JUST LIKE the government's PDFs but are so much easier and quicker to use. Click here for Our Facebook Page

  • 9 years making over 15,000 forms FOR YOU! We are YOUR designers.
  • Specializing in federal forms - our customers include citizens and government employees
  • We have had over 22,000 clients; we bring personalized service to each of you. We are a small business, and we are entirely based in the United States!

Our forms are created by MS Office Certified Designers with 20+ years experience creating and formatting technical documents for engineers, architects, contractors, environmental specialists, government agencies, medical professionals, insurance, real estate and law firms, and other clients. After our designers create each form, our Technical Editor proofreads them against government documents for accuracy.

  • We specialize in creating professional-quality government & business forms in Word with automatic form-fill features.
  • Our forms are easy to use, save, copy, and change. You can use them over and over.
  • Just click on the PayPal button to purchase (click here if you need instructions on using PayPal or buying without joining PayPal); PayPal notifies us by email, and we e-mail your form to you - right away in most cases, within 24 hours if we have to make the form. We also send the government's PDF for comparison.
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  • If you don't see the form you need, just e-mail us and we give you an estimate on creating it for you.
  • Money-back guarantee! If you are not satisfied with your form, just request a refund within 10 days of purchase, and we will gladly refund your money.

Thank you to all our wonderful customers! We hope that we can meet your form needs for years to come!

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Why Use Forms in Word?

Are you tired of searching through Web sites trying to locate just the right form? We were. We have painstakingly reformatted all of those hard-to-find federal, state, and local agency forms in an easy-to-use Microsoft Word format. Because we offer many forms, we made them easily identifiable by department or type. Most all have links to agency Web sites with instructions on how to fill them out. If you don’t see the form you need, just e-mail us with your request. We will do our best to locate it for you.

We have been asked the question, “Why pay for a form in Word that is already available free as a PDF?” We would like to answer that question. Most government and agency forms are available as PDF files. These files require that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the file. It can be tedious to type in information, particularly if you have large blocks of info., or to print and type or fill in by hand. We are offering an alternative. Our expert Word formatters create a new document in Word format. You are able to type right on the form, to change it as needed, to copy it and use it multiple times, and to use it throughout your company branch unlimited times! We try to keep our prices low; many of our forms are only $7.99-$9.99. Although it often takes us many hours to locate, design, test, and proofread a single form, we are hoping for multiple sales to help cover our costs in time and personnel hours. We are hoping that you will find the convenience of our site and the personal attention of our small staff, as well as the simplicity and low price of our forms, so useful that you will think of us again if you or a friend needs a form!

As business professionals, we were tired of receiving forms that we could not work with. We did not want to fill them in by hand, and employees had forgotten how to use a typewriter. If you have a particular form that you are struggling with on a continuing basis, email us. We will save you time and money by creating a form in Word for you.

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